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Offset FAQs

How do CleanChoice Energy carbon offsets work? 

Carbon offsets fund projects that reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. When you purchase carbon offsets with CleanChoice Energy, you are specifically helping to fund projects that support the protection and sustainable care of forests in Appalachia. These critical forests absorb and sequester carbon dioxide, storing it in their trunks, leaves, branches, roots and even in the forest soil. Each acre of forest that you support includes an offset of one ton of carbon out of our atmosphere.

Will I really be helping the environment?  

Yes, and in a number of ways. First, and most obviously, you’ll be reducing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. But beyond that, the Appalachian region is home to one of the oldest and most biologically diverse mountain systems on the continent. This ecosystem offers a myriad of often unsung benefits such as providing critical regulation of soil and water to help prevent floods and droughts. Furthermore, protecting these woods helps ensure the continuation of critical habitat for thousands of critters and plants. Your gift supports the protection and revitalization of this beautiful ecosystem.

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