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Clean Commute Wipe out the carbon pollution your car is releasing into the air.

Clean Commute

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Note: The average American passenger vehicle travels approximately 32 miles per day.

Now you can drive and use transportation guilt-free.

The average American passenger vehicle puts 4.6 metric tons of carbon pollution into the air each year. And while we know cutting back on our carbon pollution emissions is one way we as individuals can fight climate change, it may not always be feasible when it comes to getting around in our cars or using other modes of transportation.

Clean Commute allows you to wipe out your transportation emissions with a monthly subscription, reducing your overall impact on the environment. Here's how it works:1

  1. You select your mileage per day.
  2. We estimate your average carbon pollution emissions each month.
  3. We purchase the equivalent amount of carbon offsets on your behalf - wiping out the negative impact you are having on the environment.

With Clean Commute you are doing your part to clean up your carbon emissions, and taking an important step towards a cleaner, healthier world for future generations.

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More about how we offset your carbon pollution


CleanChoice Energy invests in the growth of U.S. forests by purchasing carbon offsets. Carbon offsets fund projects that reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. The offsets we buy are validated and verified by a neutral third-party verification body, American Carbon Registry.

By offsetting the amount of carbon pollution you are putting into the air by using transportation, you will be helping to replenish our ecosystem and heal our planet for future generations.



How does reforestation offset carbon pollution?

It’s not often talked about, but research1 shows that forests are the best technology we have to combat the rising levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Simply put, trees absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen; they are often referred to as the “lungs” of our planet. The carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere and safely sequestered in their trunks, leaves, branches, roots and even in the forest soil for decades. The well-established value of forests has been documented and researched by scientists for decades. In fact, forests' power to store carbon dioxide is staggering: one tree can store an average of about 48 pounds in one year.

Will I really be helping the environment?

Yes. Natural climate solutions such as reforestation can help us achieve 37 percent of our climate target set by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) - which is to limit global warming to a maximum of two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. It’s fair to say our climate depends on the growth of forests.2

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About CleanChoice Energy

At CleanChoice Energy we envision a world free of catastrophic climate change with pure, clean air and abundant renewable energy. We’re on a mission to make it easy for everyone, everywhere to choose clean energy.

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  1. 1 For each month of your service, we will purchase and retire carbon offsets based on EPA Greenhouse Gas Emissions from a Typical Passenger Vehicle and the miles per day that you select. Your actual monthly miles driven may be more or less and we cannot guarantee that your transportation carbon footprint will be fully matched by carbon offsets. See Terms and Conditions for additional details.
  2. 2 The Best Technology for Fighting Climate Change? Trees, The Atlantic
    3 Five Reasons The Earth’s Climate Depends On Forests, Climate and Land Use Alliance

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